Modernize Your Enterprise


In the past few years, Information Technology has a fair amount of innovations. These developments have the promise of making IT services much more efficient and beneficial to the users. But bringing in the change requires tremendous thoughtfulness and planning. Without a disciplined approach, the process of bringing in new technologies can be slow and expensive. Instead of improving the services, the changes can bring hardship to IT staff and users in the short term.

Some of the developments in IT with tremendous potential as follows:

  • Microservices
  • Big Data
  • Angular and React
  • Cloud Computing
  • Agile Development

HQ Software Consulting helps organizations modernize through HQSFT's long experience with the process of transition. The method of inducting innovations into an organization requires the following.

  • Documenting the As-Is Business, Data, Application, and Technology Architectures
  • Document the To-Be Business, Data, Application, and Technology Architectures
  • Prioritizing the candidate applications for modernization
  • Careful planning for refactoring the applications 
  • Executing the plan

Organizations that can first invest in formalizing their As-Is Business, Data, Application, and Technology Architectures, have much smoother time in their modernization.