Docker: Migrating On-Premise Applications to the Cloud


HSOFT invites you to a live session on Docker implementation on Windows and Linux.

There is a push among the State of California agencies to migrate their applications to the Cloud. Deployment in the Cloud is straightforward for applications that are developed to be deployed in the Cloud. It is not that straightforward for apps designed for on-premise implementation; until a few years ago, on-premise was the way to go. Fortunately, Docker is a huge help in making easier the transition from on-premise to the Cloud. In this approach, we migrate the applications to Docker containers running on-premise and migrate the Docker image to the Cloud. 

In this presentation, HSOFT will share the examples of migrating a typical on-premise application comprising a web server like Apache or IIS, application server based on ASP.Net or Java, and databases like Oracle, SQL Server, or MySQL through the Docker route.